Sunday, February 6, 2011

24 days of Perl - Perl Advent calendar review

Back in November I had this idea of a Perl Advent calendar. 24 postings - how hard could it be?

I started with some days ahead. I prepared two or three postings and scheduled them for publishing at midnight. But it didn't take long and I was down to zero post ahead. So I had to write every day! I didn't want to break the series, so I wrote every day. :)

The latest was half an hour before midnight, when I finished this day's posting.

I guess, that's it for the downside. Thanks to the Ironman Planet the traffic was higher than expected. Compared with my German Perl blog there were both more visitors and also more comments. This shows the number of page views from 11/27 till 12/26:

But would I do it again? I don't think so. Lot at my Januar posts - there aren't any. I had enough of it. :)

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