Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Perl developers wanted

Are you tired of using Perl only in your spare time? Do you want to work full time as a Perl developer?

Are you not willing to move to Amsterdam, but would prefer the north of Germany (lovely Hamburg)?

My employer is looking for several Perl developers with different skill levels. Please contact me (, if you have any questions or are interested. If you send me your CV I will forward it to my team lead. I can also give you her direct email address. So you can write her directly.


  1. And you have to get to know our home grown template system before we replace it with Template Toolkit. :)

  2. Of course! :)

    Or did you want to ask about the exact salary? Sorry, I don't know that. I'm "normal staff" there, not responsible for hiring.

    Also, in Germany you are not allowed to talk about your salary. So nobody knows, what the others earn.

    I think it depends, where you are coming from. I'm sure it's less than what Google pays, but more than what a small company would pay. I dont know the numbers to compare it. It's just my opinion.

    Send me an email (, I will give you the email address of my team lead (I dont want to write it here). She is responsible for hiring. You can ask her that question.

  3. remote or onsite only?

  4. Onsite only.

    The company will help with relocation.


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