Monday, July 4, 2011

YAPC::NA 2011 - day 3

The last day started for me with Jay Shirley's "Building better applications with Data::Manager". Data::Manager combines Data::Verifier and Message::Stack. I agree with one of the first slides of this talk: "data validation != form generation". There are a number of tools, which do both. Other interesting points (straight from my notes):
  • don't marry your tools
  • don't judge a tool by typing (syntax)
  • build UI first, pick method and tools second
  • keep things out of controller
  • red flag: big bunch of ifs in methods
Next was Tatsuhiko Miyagawa with "Deploying Plack web applications". He talked about the different servers first. Starman, Twiggy and FastCGI are good choices. He also demonstrated Plack::Middleware::REPL and Plack::Middleware::InteractiveDebugger, which only work with a single-process server.

Next talks were about ZeroMQ, Facebook::Graph and a comparison of 4 web frameworks. Mateu Hunter showcased Web::Simple, Dancer, Mojolicious::Lite and Tatsumaki. Nice: when asked after his favorite, he replied: Catalyst. :)

Matt agreed, that during his "State of the Velociraptor" talk we were allowed to throw octopuses (from WebGUI) at him. Stevan Little and Cory Watson sat in the front row with lots of "ammunition" :)

Finally there was another round of lightning talks, notable were Dave Rolsky's Courriel talk and Piers Cawley's song.

It was a wonderful time in Asheville and I'm currently at Tennessee to hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Thanks to all the organizers!

Building better applications with Data::Manager
Building better applications with Data::Manager

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