Sunday, August 14, 2011

YAPC::EU 2011 - day 0

Mmh, my blog seems to be mostly an YAPC blog this year...

Yesterday I arrived in Riga and took a round through the city centre. In the evening I met the first Perlmongers. Today was "Speaker Training" with Damian Conway and pre conferece meeting.

The speaker training was very interesting, too bad Damian could not give his tutorial last year (I booked it). My talks this year would have been so much better. My talk "Sanitizing HTML 5 with Perl 5" is scheduled for Tuesday - too short for me, to rework everything and apply all of Damian's wisdom.

I made notes on paper and I'm too tired now to type them here. I will do that when YAPC is over. So you can read them, if you are interested.

Tomorrow starts the "real" conference...

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  1. I'd be great if you wrote a post about "Speaker Training" with more details :)


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