Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YAPC::EU 2011 - day 2

The second day started with Damian Conway's keynote "(Re)Developing in Perl 6" where he showed the Perl 6 versions of some of his modules. Usually the new version was one third of the size of the Perl 5 version. His message was: port your CPAN modules now to Perl 6.

Next was Valentin Guillois with "DBIx::Class::Tree::Mobius" about tree representations in SQL databases. He explained materialized paths, nested sets and nested intervals. His module implements the Moebius encoding, which is based on continued fractions. Unfortunately he could not finish his talk, so here are some materials:
I skipped the next two slots, because I was not particularly interested in any of the talks, and used the time to reharse my presentation (which was scheduled for later this day).

After the lunch I was attending Peter Rabbitson's "DBIx::Class guts 1.1 (or how SQL sausage is made)". I was looking forward to this talk, because I switched from Rose::DB::Object to DBIx::Class (and I still want to write a post about my reasons for this) and the initial learning curve is quite steep. Peter explained the four abstractions of DBIC. It made sense to me, but I have to do some homework and study it further.

Now it was "showtime" for me. I presented "Sanitizing HTML 5 with Perl 5". After all, it didn't went so well as in Asheville (YAPC::NA), but it was okay. There were a lot more attendees (thanks to the weak spot I was in - no heavy competition) and the participation (remarks/questions) was higher. I have doubt about the naming: HTML5::Sanitizer. The "HTML5" might be a bit misleading, so I will release it to CPAN as HTML::Sanitizer in the next weeks (and blog about it).

Next was Marcus Ramberg with "Mojolicious - A New Hope". I like Mojo and I don't like it at the same time. :) Marcus talked about Mojo::Client and Mojolicious::Lite. While I like the non-Mojolicious modules (like Mojo::Client), I'm not convinced of Mojolicious for bigger apps. All the examples are too simple. I would like to see an application with lots of controllers. But back to Marcus' talk: It was a nice introduction to the Mojo(licious) module family.

For the next talk the organizers ignored the "I will attend this talk" feature of ACT. Smylers "SSH Can Do That? Tips for Working More Productively with Remote Servers" was totally overbooked. For me the talk had familiar and new material, for others it was all common stuff. Years ago, I was attending a similar talk at the Chemnitz Linuxtage, which contained more stuff. So while it was nicely done, it could have been better.

Today's lightning talks included:
  • architecture of
  • 14th German Perl Workshop in Erlangen (3. - 5. March 2012)
  • "If you are not on IRC you do not exist" (where I disagree)
  • "Don't optimize for speed" (Paul Johnson) - was really nice
  • Ingy released Larry Wall's presentation software "Stump"
After that we were transfered to the social event, which was at Lido Restaurant. It seemed like we had too few seats, but we made the best out of it and had a good evening.

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