Saturday, February 4, 2012

Next Perlmongers Hamburg meeting - 20.02.2012

It is a little bit on short notice, but on the first Monday of February (our usual date) there won't be a meeting. Neither on the first Monday of March (because of the German Perlworkshop in Erlangen).

The next meeting will instead take place on the third Monday, 20th of February at 6 p. m. at XING, Gaensemarkt 43. I will give a preview of my German Perlworkshop talks:

  • Mojo::UserAgent (covering parallel requests and the mojo command line tool)
  • memory consumption of perl modules (Devel::Loading + Memory::Usage) (lightning talk)
Both talks will be in German. And in April we will return to our usual schedule (first Monday of the month).

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