Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review of our Mojolicious workshop

Our Mojolicious workshop took place at Sathurday, 28st of January. We were 10 participants.

I did not choose the example projects wise enough, so a lot of time was spent with installing necessary stuff. Next time I have to better prepare it. (I'm thinking about sample tasks and a test suite for it - so everybody can work in his own pace.)

Next time? Yes, there will be a successor, in the second half of the year Stefan Hornburg will give an introduction to Dancer!

We would like to do it again in the rooms of Attraktor e.V. - thanks a lot, guys (especially Jens, Elmar and Robert).

Update: slides


  1. At Erlangen.PM we also had a plan to do a Mojolicious session. Would be great to get more info about what you did and what the attendees were saying to that they learned. How much preparation did you do in order to get things going and what did you request your audience to prepare?


    1. Hello Wolfgang,

      thanks for asking. I forgot to link the slides from slideshare (now added).

      We just asked for already having installed Perl and Mojolicious. Next time I would prepare already some smaller and progressive tasks, together with a testsuite. So there will be some more modules.

      Prior knowledge of Mojolicious was not required.

      I'm sure your Mojolicious session is after the German Perlworkshop, so we can sit together and talk in Erlangen about it. Maybe we can join forces for this tasks and testsuite thing. It should not depend on a single web framework.


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